Join Art & Craft Classes in Karama Dubai at Mindbuilder Training Center

  • Mindbuilder Training Center (part of SIP Academy UAE) offers Art and Crafts Classes in Karama, Dubai as part of Skill Development Program.
  • Art & Craft Classes include Sketching, Oil & Acrylic Painting, Color Pencil drawing, Oil Pastel, Water Color, Glass & Fabric Painting, Pen Art, Pencil Shading, Clay Modelling and other Crafts
  • Various creations by our students are presented in Image Gallery

Performance and Testimonials

Demonstration of paintings and Sketches
by SIP Academy students

Performance and Testimonials

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Kavitha Rani - Art student of SIP Academy

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Zainab - Art student of SIP Academy

About Art & Crafts Course

  • Systematic and complete Program 
  • Specially designed to enable students to acquire or enhance their drawing & artistic skills, broaden their creative thinking and deepen their interest in Art & Crafts. 
  • The curriculum allows children to participate and enjoy our course throughout.
  • Our structured Art courses begin with fundamentals of sketching & shading.
  • They are subsequently exposed to different art forms like charcoal painting, abstract painting, water-color painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, texture based painting, basic clay modeling, Terracotta modeling and 3D Art.

Benefits of Art & Crafts Course

  • An enhanced level of creativity- “the ability to think out-of-the-box”
  • Increased level of Confidence and smartness
  • Higher level of Self-expression
  • Improved observation and enhanced level of concentration
  • Recent studies point to complementary relationship between the arts vs science and math suggesting that a holistic approach to picking curriculum might be the best for child development.
  • Allows children to find their creative niche 

What Our Clients Say About Us

Art is helping me a lot in re-discovering myself and unleashing the creativity within me. Thanks to SIP Academy UAE for providing such wonderfully talented teachers.

Jenci Thomas

My success is credited to the guidance and support of my drawing teacher Mr. Jijesh, who is professional in this field and the amount of patience he shows to all his students is much appreciated.

Sreeja Santosh