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Mind Builder Bansal Foundation Course in Dubai
Adaptive platform for 360° learning
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Foundation Classes
Learn every concept clearly for a strong foundation
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Practice questions which adapt to your own pace
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Mock Tests
Mock Tests for compete strongly in exams
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Chat with the best teachers to solve your doubts

Our Learning Approach

Blending Learning with Fun

At Mindbuilder, we work relentlessly with each student as we believe each of them is unique in their own ways, be it academics or other extra-curricular activities . We ensures that students don’t get lost in a herd. Our constant seamless effort not only boost the academic growth of every student to a full circle but also in every aspects of their life.
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Make Stronger Base

In order to achieve the path of success, it is inarguably a known fact that our foundation should be strong. We, at Mindbuilder, make sure that each student enrolled over here get adequate monitoring in every aspect. We ensure that whatever they have learned over from here is completely understood by clearing the concept from scratch.

Create Confidence

Competence to Thrive

We give utmost importance in equipping the child with a sense of competence and thereby self-confidence so as to not only survive, but thrive. This assists them in a positive way to understand the realistic perception of their own abilities. In giving an environment to do so, they are exposed for achievements, great and small.

Build your Career

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Covers Competitive Exams

We have the widest range of syllabus covered for every classes from 5th to 12th. We do understand the fact that every child is unique, For this reason, we care for personalised monitoring of students and also they are having the opportunity of choosing the course that matches their needs from a large pool of courses. Thousands of bansal students enrolled with best colleges all over India in the previous years.

Track success

Check your child’s academic grades, and review your teachers study tips and teaching process. Part of the reason you initially started to work with an instructor is presumably to improve your child’s grades or test scores. After he/she has spent a few months with the teacher, take a look at exams, essays, and homework during that time. Are your child’s scores improving? Does your child connect with and respond to the teaching practices? If so, then your child and teacher are probably right on track.

Request a Free demo session

Every child is unique and so are their learning abilities. Our methodology of personalized learning  adapts to every student’s learning need. Feel free to schedule for a demo session.

Stats and Testimonials

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  • Bansal helps in learning math and science better bby keeping an eye on personalized learning to practice and apply my concept through mock tests and study deliverables.


    Grade 7
  • Bansal helps in learning math and science better bby keeping an eye on personalized learning to practice and apply my concept through mock tests and study deliverables.


    Grade 9