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Benefits of Summer Camps for Kids

When school gets out for the summer, you may find yourself needing to find something for your kids to do. Summer camp does much more than simply entertaining your children, though--it gives them a chance to learn, explore the outdoors, develop their hobbies, and even make new friends. Here are some of the many benefits of summer camps for kids.

#1. It Helps Them Develop Social Skills

If your child is shy or reserved, they may be more anxious than excited about going to camp. However, summer camp helps your child develop their social skills. While summer camps have trained counselors, most of the socializing happens between camp goers. Kids will learn to socialize during camp activities, and they also will learn how to manage living alongside other children.

Social Skills

Even if your child has ADHD, high-functioning autism, or another diagnosis that makes it hard to socialize, they can benefit from summer camp.

ADHD - other social skills

This video features an expert talking to kids about what's expected (socially speaking) when they attend summer camp.

#2. It Helps Develop Teamwork Skills

Whether it's collaborating on writing a skit, playing kickball, or working together to cook breakfast, camps help children learn teamwork. Depending on your child's personality, they may already be able to work easily with others.


However, summer camps bring together kids from diverse backgrounds, and one of the skills essential to anyone's success is being able to harmoniously work with many different types of people. And while many children learn teamwork through sports, children who aren't as interested in sports may find that camp activities are more effective for developing their ability to work as part of a team.

 Teamwork through Sports

Some children are naturally very independent, which isn't a bad thing. However, some very independent children prefer to solve every problem alone. Learning to work with others will help them develop skills that they will need as adults. Plus, the wide variety of activities offered at summer camp means that there's a greater chance that a child learns to accept working in a team.

If your child struggles with group projects, they might find that rowing or performing with a group helps them understand the value of working together. This video illustrates some of the many ways your kids can learn to work together while at summer camp.

#3. It Teaches Resilience

As any adult knows, resilience is a key quality that helps us all overcome hard times. While at summer camp, your child can learn resilience in a number of ways.

  • They discover things they like about themselves--A strong sense of self is vital to have. And when children have a sense of who they are, it emboldens them and helps them to stay confident even in the face of adversity.
  • They start to feel more in control of their lives--Summer camp is often fun, but it isn't without challenges. Whether a child is working with other campers to clean up a messy campsite or working with counselors to plan out the day's activities, summer camp helps kids see challenges as manageable and not overwhelming.
  • They are treated fairly--Camp counselors and organizers make an effort to help kids feel included. Even shy children often start to come out of their shells and feel seen. This can build self-confidence, which in turn gives them the sense of self-efficacy they need to face problems head-on.
  • They develop new connections--As they move on in life, children will find that they can rely on others to help them navigate difficult times. Whether it's a supportive camp counselor or a newfound set of friends, the people kids meet at camp can help them deal with challenges they face along the way.

Resilience is essential to a healthy, happier life, and summer camp is one of the many ways children can develop it. This video details some of the ways that camp can help your child be more resilient.

#4. It Helps Kids Have Fun Without Screens

On average, kids spend about seven and a half hours in front of a screen each day. The internet has plenty of advantages when it comes to education, but many children today find that most of their extracurricular activities--video games, watching movies, and general internet surfing--center around screens.

At home, many parents try to encourage their kids to minimize screen time--this video from NPR details some of the rules parents can use to keep kids from staying on screens all the time. However, parents who work or otherwise can't be available all the time might have trouble enforcing rules. At camp, kids participate in group activities that don't involve screen time. This helps them find new, exciting activities and make new friends, providing fun alternatives that they can't replicate with a screen.

5. It Helps Kids Discover New Interests

Most parents would prefer not to invest in lessons for several activities just to find that their children aren't interested. Summer camp is effectively a sampler platter of activities your children may not have tried before. Whether it's swimming, music, acting, or arts, your child will likely discover something they love.

Plus, if your child attends a general summer camp and then discovers a new special interest, chances are good that you can then find a institute that specializes in that interest. For instance, your child may find that they love playing guitar or chess, you can enroll them for regular courses or a camp specialized in these activities.

These specialized courses or camps also help your children learn skills they will need later. An interest-focused camp lets children connect with others who share that interest--something that gives them practice for the type of networking they will need down the line. This video offers a glimpse into what it's like to attend a camp geared towards kids who want to learn about film production, one of the many special interests you can find a camp for.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with your child choosing to stick to a general camp. General-purpose camps let kids try different things, which translates into them becoming well-rounded adults.

#6. It Lets Kids Connect With Nature

Maybe you live in a rural area but have children who would prefer to stay indoors watching Netflix. Or maybe you live in a dense city with little access to natural, outdoor spaces. Either way, one of the many ways summer camp benefits children is by helping them develop a connection to nature. There's plenty of research showing that being in nature helps children and even adults reduces stress, fear, and anger. Being in nature also has beneficial physical effects--it lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and increases energy.

Plus, summer camp does more than simply place kids in nature--it also gives them fun activities they can continue to do in nature with their friends at home:

  • Hiking
  • Water balloon dodgeball
  • Obstacle courses
  • Gardening
  • Swimming

Cultivating a love of the outdoors is a valuable and important thing to do for young children--this video shows how outdoor activities can be used to help elementary school children. By developing a love of the outdoors early on through summer camp, your children will be more likely to grow into healthier, more active adults.

#7. It Lets Kids Develop Independence

Summer camp isn't a free-for-all (or it shouldn't be), but summer camp is where many children first learn to feel comfortably independent. In many cases, even well-meaning parents hover over their children. At camp, kids have a balance of structured activities and less-structured downtime.

For the most part, kids at camp can make their own decisions, whether it's what new activity to try or what to eat for lunch. And sending your child to camp also has benefits for you as a parent. If you find yourself frequently worrying about your child, sending them to camp inspires a sense of independence in you, too. As you learn to trusts your child and let them make their own decisions in summer camp, you will learn to let your child be independent, which helps create a healthier parent-child relationship.

Even if your child has a disability that makes it harder for them to become independent, the right summer camp can help them cultivate life skills and develop their independence. This video shows how a camp for blind children helps its campers feel more independent despite facing significant challenges. These specialized camps may be harder to find, but they are well worth it. Children with disabilities benefit from a healthy level of independence, and the trained counselors at special camps know how to help kids develop independence without compromising their safety or well-being.

#8. It Helps Kids Stay Physically Fit

If you already have very active children, it might not be much of a challenge to make sure they get enough exercise. However, less active children--especially those who don't enjoy sports--may need a bit of a push. Exercise has a range of physical and mental benefits for children of all fitness levels--it helps them build strong bones and muscles, improves focus, and promotes better sleep.

While some kids might jump at the chance to run around outside, the many outdoor activities offered by most summer camps may entice any child. For instance, some children prefer to exercise in a team activity like dodgeball. Others might appreciate the opportunity to talk to their friends on a group hike. Even if they are hesitant at first, most kids will find that they enjoy exercise in some form--this video shows a group of children having fun playing dodgeball.

If your child was somewhat inactive before camp, they might find that they like how they feel with regular exercise. Regular exercise, even through camp activities, helps get kids into healthy habits. After all, it's a lot harder to start exercising as an adult if it's something you haven't done before.

#9. It Helps Kids Stay on Track With Learning

Kids need a break from school in the summers. However, research has indicated that kids who spend all summer with no enrichment may end up losing up to two grade levels of proficiency in math. Of course, summer camp isn't as rigorous as a regular class, but many camps incorporate math in fun ways--kids might solve puzzles together, work on efficiency by competing in math races, or hone measurement skills by building new things.

In STEM or science-focused camps and activities, kids can go a step further by applying what they've learned in school to complete fun and challenging activities. If your child is the type to complain about math class because they don't see the point, camps or activities that let them apply what they've learned can be especially helpful.

Of course, math isn't the only academic skill that can be sharpened by summer camp. Summer camp can help children develop reading skills and writing skills, too. Even if your child isn't especially interested in reading, attending a camp that takes them out of their school routine may help them see reading in a new light. This video shows how one organizer created a summer camp that helps children find a love of reading.

If your child is a gifted writer, they may also want to choose a camp with a creative writing focus. Creative writing helps kids sharpen their reading skills and improves the quality of their writing, which is especially helpful is writing is something they want to seriously pursue. For kids who love creative writing, a special camp also lets them connect with other students who like to write fiction, poetry, or plays. Many schools don't offer classes in creative writing or have very limited course offerings, and a specialized camp is something that student writers will love.

#10. It Lets Kids Take Risks

Risk-taking comes more easily to some children than to others. However, most of us realize that good things in life often require taking a risk of some sort. Summer camp is the perfect place for children to learn to take risks--they have plenty of new activities to try, and they are surrounded by supportive and caring staff and by other campers. Plus, if your child is in a camp that focuses on writing or STEM, they don't have to worry about their grades being impacted if they take a risk and fail.

While parenting culture often emphasizes total safety at all costs, it's taking risks that enables kids to find their limits, develop on-the-spot thinking and problem-solving skills, and ultimately become more confident.

For some children, even going away to camp itself can feel like a risk. Luckily, most children find that it's a worthwhile risk. Camp counselors are trained to be able to help your child if they start to feel very homesick, and there are also ways that you can help your child if they're feeling homesick--this video outlines some strategies for helping a kid who has trouble adjusting to camp.

In many ways, sending a kid to camp also feels like a risk for parents. And just as healthy risk-taking is important for kids, it is also important for parents who want to avoid becoming over-involved with their children and who want to see their children develop a healthy level of independence.

#11. It Teaches Kids to Respect Differences

Summer camp is designed to take kids out of their comfort zone in many ways. One of the most important ways it does this is by bringing together kids from a variety of backgrounds. If you live in an area that's relatively homogeneous, this kind of exposure can be especially crucial.

While at summer camp, kids will meet others from different religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. They will see that each child is treated equally, and they will need to work and play alongside kids who are often different from them in some way. This is often much more effective than simply having your child read about other cultures. Summer camp is a place where respect for all is expected, and by living alongside kids from different backgrounds, they're likely to discover that they have more in common with other kids than they might have expected.

Each camp is a little different, but each will have its own way of helping kids learn to appreciate and respect differences--this video shows how one camp run by a police academy teaches its campers respect for others.

Spending time at summer camp is a great way to let your kids develop independence and find themselves as people. Did you enjoy our list? Let us know what you think (and tell us any benefits of summer camps for kids that we missed) in the comments, and don't forget to share if you found it helpful!



Become A Good Dancer

Tips On How To Become A Good Dancer

In comparison with any physical discipline or art, the dance obliges perseverance, effort, practice, and trust. To become a good dancer, you do not only require the deep love of music. However, you’ve to be polite with your moves and keep an eye on the entire advice of an experienced professional.


Learn Various Kinds of Dance to Become a Good Dancer

There are various types of dance that you might be confused of which one to select after determining to learn to dance. Well, the modest solution is to try various genres of dancing styles. Obviously, it’s a fact that outshining one genre will need various years of training, but to be skillful in quite a few genres of dancing will consume a low time, and might be more advantageous.

Instead of concentrating on one style, manage a time to learn different genres of dancing. You might discover yourself into various events once you could dance to any music from ballroom to break dance.

Summer Camp for Kids in Dubai

Feel The Music To Find The Rhythm

People step-up for dance because they get motivated to dance just by rhythm or beat. Mainly, it begins with an appealing rhythm to a foot-tap, then takes the entire body to move further.

Every good dancer requires to feel the music, then express that spirit with the moving of their body. For all the beginner dancers, it is essential to get familiar with the rhythms. Thus, get the hands-on music associated with a chosen dance genre and try to feel it at each opportunity.

Dance Classes for Kids

Chin Up When You Dance

One of the common mistakes made by newbie dancers is that they mainly stare at their own feel while learning a new dancing step. It is fairly usual to do such action, but it must have to be evaded. Always remember one thing, dance isn’t about seeing, but about the deepness of feeling.

Instead of gazing at your own feet, you must have to take the dance steps by relying on the beats. While dancing with a partner, you must have to pay close attention to your partners’ basic dance movements and try to feel the entire moves.


Dance With Different Partners

Yes, its natural feel in the dancing industry that every beginner wants to dance with a particular friend or partner. However, newbies must have to dance with the different partners because it’ll help them to build their confidence level higher. Also, dissimilar interpretations of music will provide them a new and fresh way to approach those dance steps.

To become a good dancer, you must have to choose a different partner to dance because each of them will know about a variety of other steps. Also, after time-to-time, you may start to dive in the ocean of rhythm of various genres of music.

Child’s Brain and Skill Development by doing the right activities at the right time

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have enlightened a few of the best tips to become a good dancer. By utilizing these terms in your daily dance routine, you can surely see improvement in yourself.

Summer Camp for Kids in Dubai

Summer Camp for Kids in Dubai

The time has come again. Summer is right on its way along with the considerable break. Many parents get worried about how their children can utilize their time in a more productive way. Well, an answer is simple, a summer camp. It is the best and fun way for the kids to utilize their time with their equals and learn new activities effectively. Some of the parents do not realize, in addition, to do fun, summer camps are one of the best places for learning new skills and get more productive as well.

As you know your children are free from all the schoolwork and have any time to spend wherever they want – so why don’t utilize this time to identify the new skills and production?

In this blog, I’ll tell you the benefits your children can get by joining the summer camp in Dubai.


Summer camp is one of the most effective places where children can learn new skills and make themselves more productive. It allows the children to identify the essentially of social skills and make some new friends. Almost every camp in Dubai offers the number of group activities which attract the children to determine the meaning of teamwork, leadership as well as they get interact with their partners of nearly the same age. In comparison with adults, a child’s mind is more flexible and learn to adopt new skills –it’s necessary to take the benefits of such an amazing natural capability for as protracted as you can. Encourage your children to participate in the best summer camp in Dubai because your kids will learn and educate about the skills in all the fields –especially those things that they haven’t learned in schools.


Enhancing social skills is an essential part of everyone’s life, and it is what the children will learn in the best summer camp in Dubai. It is the finest opportunity to polish their leadership and risk-charming skills. All the teachers in summer camps have a vast experience in guiding the marvelous skills to the students in a meaningful way.

Spring Break Camp In Dubai 2K19


Mind Builder does not only focuses on teaching the tech stuff for the kids but also physical activities. Because physical activities help the children to sharpen their mind, abilities, and most importantly, it assists to make them healthy.


Mind Builder’s summer camp facilitates the kids to work as unit and teach them the true meaning of teamwork. It is the most important term for them because as we know, “snooze will make people lose.” Summer camps give students the ability to learn and grow together as a team. Not only limited to this, but they also learn about how to work as a leader and how to monitor the team to succeed in the tasks.


There are many summer camps available in Dubai. However, Mind-Builders are known as the best one. It allows children to learn new things that will assist them to run successfully in modern life. From swimming to the dance classes, they ensure that kids can get the best pitch which obviously helps kids in numerous ways.

spring break camp 2019

Spring Break Camp in Dubai 2K19

What are the Benefits of a Spring Break Camp?

It’s near-impossible for us to explain the wizardry of a spring break camp in a single blog post but nevertheless, we will try to summarize as much as we can. Many parents might be dealing with a doubt of whether there is really a need for such kind of a camp??? Regardless of which one you pick, studies reveal that these camps will have a positive and impactful experience for any child.  

Summer Camp for Kids in Dubai

Camp Offerings

Our Spring Break Camp offers mainly activities like keyboard, art and crafts, guitar, vocals, brain train, DJ, and many more. Also at Al Nahda kids get to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, kids yoga, basketball, indoor games and theme day


Get Connected without Technology

One of the biggest advantages of being in a camp for your kid is it pushes them to unplug. This will not only boost up the personal skills and practicing social skills, but also takes off the pressure of getting digital ‘likes’ for what they do. Here kids can be kids and they are to experience the unlimited boundary of fun.

Learn to be Independent

A camp, in general, brings about the taste of independence that is extremely hard to come by in the fast-paced environment of today. Each camper is solely responsible for arriving on time at their activities. This in a way helps them to get to know about the most important aspect in life – ‘punctuality’ but not in a forced manner but in a fun way.

Fostering Inclusion

Regardless of which camp your child attends, it is pretty sure that they will be included in the warm, welcoming and supportive nature which every camp provides. Here they will learn to appreciate the differences in opinion and each one of them will gear back home with a deeper understanding of those who are different from them and the world around them.

Have a fun blast!!!!

The outright aspect is downright fun. We can expatiate about the spring break camp until our faces turn blue, but there’s no better explanation than experiencing the fun yourself. What’s holding back to experience the extravaganza this spring break for your kiddos.

Summer camp 2018 in Al Karama

Summer Camp 2018 in Al Karama

Beyond our regular classes we provide specific themed camps that focus on Holistic Development of children. Mindbuilder’s Summer Camp 2018 in Al Karama Dubai has proven to be the perfect mix of fun and education. Mind Builder delivers an environment where your children can acquire knowledge through participation and understanding through exploration. We provide a range of activities which have been designed for children between the ages of three and fourteen. Our Summer Camp augment children’s thought process, spark their quest for knowledge, construct individuality and social understanding.

Summer Camp 2018

Mind Builder Summer Camp 2018 gives an opportunity to students meet people from multicultural backgrounds, improve their skills and develop open mindedness.

Our program supports classroom education with learning delivered through high energy activity experiences. We offer classes for Brain/Skill Development, Arts, Painting, Handwriting Improvement, Music-Vocal & Instrumental, Dance, Chess, Personality Development, Public Speaking, Story Time, Fun Maths and Talent Show to encourage young children to explore the activities they like best. Summer Camp-2018 will start from last week of June-2018.

Art and Crafts

Art & Crafts course allows children to find their creative niche. Children will be exposed to different art workshops like basic sketching, charcoal painting, abstract painting, water-color painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, basic clay modeling, Terracotta modeling and 3D Art. Furthermore, children will enjoy art at the same time learn valuable skills that they can apply to their daily lives.

Summercamp 2018 Karama - Art and Craft Course


This summer, experience the sheer joy of creating and appreciating art with Summer Camp 2018. Explore different eras and styles of art, learn creative writing skills, discover abstract patterns and optical illusions, recreate the genius of famous painters, create unique clay forms and have fun with origami, crafts and printmaking.

Weekly themes and artist-based days will keep the fun and excitement rolling, as children discover their own potential and develop new artistic skills and techniques. The camp offers a holistic and enriching experience for all.

Music Classes

Summercamp 2018 Karama - Art and Craft CourseMusic Classes provides beginners, intermediate and even advanced players with instruction that is comprehensive and focused. Students learn theoretical tools and practical skills to heighten the enjoyment of music and enable them to compose short pieces.

At the Summer Camp, the instructional focus will be on developing the student as an overall musician and building good technique.  Students will receive instruction in music theory, keyboard literature, observe the instruments, have regular practice time.  The camp will conclude with a recital which all students will be able to understand Music and perform.

Dance Classes

Summercamp 2018 Karama - Dance ClassesDance Classes offers classes taught by a professional teaching faculty. While the objective is to train a lifelong dancer, individual goals range from health maintenance, improvement of self-esteem and social skills development. Classes include a variety of dance forms and are open to students of all needs and levels.

Its time to get your kids active doing something they love! Summer Camp Dance Classes give an opportunity to learn new techniques and moves. There will also be a different theme for every class. Also, at the end of the camp there will be a dance show to show their talent.

Personality Development Program

Summercamp 2a018 Karama - Personality Development ProgramPersonality Development Program develops the stability of emotions in a child. It also enhances their memory, concentration, develops logical thinking and builds their confidence level. Overall development of the personality of a child is very crucial to have a stress free life. Personality development among child and adolescents decides the future adults.

Our Summer Camp Public Speaking Classes focuses on all behavioral and emotional aspects of a child and modifies them by appropriate and suitable skills training. It develops confidence and the knowledge about public speaking.

Maths Course

Maths Course is designed to develop Mathematical Skills, Mental Ability, Calculation Speed, Mathematical Aptitudes, Scientific Knowledge, Logical & Reasoning Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Critical Accuracy of a child and Application of Short-cut methods. Course prepares students for future competitive exams while they are studying in schools to take early lead.

These courses focus strongly on development of Intelligent Quotient (IQ), competitive Quotient (CQ) Emotional Quotient (EQ) So that each student achieve success in schools exams as well as success in various Olympiads & Talent Examinations.

Our Summer Camp Fun Maths Course will help children to learn shortcut techniques of math, logical reasoning test tips and develops their Understanding and Application skills.

Abacus and Brain Gym program

Summercamp 2018 Karama - Abacus and Brain Gym ClassesAbacus and Brain Gym program is a system of education that maximizes the potential of the child’s brain. The process of learning abacus methodology is known as Mental Arithmetic. Working on abacus optimizes and integrates the functions of the left and the right brain during the early years.

Our Summer Camp Abacus and Brain Gym Classes encourage the use of left and the right brain, improves Memory, Concentration, Visualization and Logical Understanding.

Karate Classes

Karate Classes encourage you to challenge your physical and mental capabilities, promotes healthy life style, builds confidence, positive attitude, discipline, dedication, concentration, motivation and strength of character. Classes are disciplined yet fun, allowing the students to experience the enriching benefits of karate while learning and developing skills at their own pace.

Summer Camp Karate Classes provides learning the art of self-defense, getting disciplined, and becoming strong with lots of fun.

Chess Classes

Summercamp 2018 Karama - Chess ClassesChess Classes are a valuable educational tool that helps teach children the important lessons including problem solving, critical thinking, sportsmanship, patience and goal setting.

Summer Camp Chess Classes are the perfect way to introduce the game of chess to new students, deepen understanding of the game for established players by emphasizing the fundamental skills needed to begin a lifetime of learning in chess.

Summer Camp 2018 gives an opportunity to students meet people from multicultural backgrounds,

improve their skills and develop open mindedness. Our program supports classroom education with learning delivered through high energy activity experiences. Mind Builder is a safe and learning-focused work space for young children. Students will be trained by our talented, energetic, experienced staff, and build valuable life and career skills.

For more details please feel free to contact us on 052-166-0280 and 04 2578184 (AL Nahda), (+97152) 166-0276, 166-0277 (Al Karama).

Kindly Register to avail benefit of early bird discounts.


Summer Camp 2017 at Mindbuilder - Barsha 04

Summer Camp 2017 at Mindbuilder – Barsha

Summer Camp provided a wonderful opportunity to children to participate in fun activities, make new friends, learn about things that are not in textbooks and develop well-rounded personalities.

Here is the list of summer camp activities children participated in:

Art and Craft activities

Art & Craft activities included sketching, oil/acrylic/water colors, calligraphy, face painting. Activities developed self-expression, improved concentration, refined motor skills and channelized their energy in a positive direction. Children are encouraged to enjoy experimenting and creating new dimension to art.

Music Classes activities

Music Classes Music classes helped in developing vocal skills. Children learnt to play all kinds of age-appropriate instruments. They learned to recognize and decode musical symbols, and they’re introduced to musical concepts and terms. Classes encouraged problem solving, symbolic thinking and reasoning skills.

Dance Classes activities

Dance classes educated and empowered children with knowledge of various dance styles, the fundamentals of dance technique, aspects of musical theatre and stage performance. It helped students to de-stress, stay active, improve posture and developed a confident, well-rounded personality. The complete Dance classes experience enabled students to overcome stage fright, become more confident, improve team spirit and feel a great sense of achievement.

Personality Development Classes

Personality Development Classes developed clear & effective Communication Skills, Public Speaking Skills and groomed personality to face all kinds of challenges in life. It developed children’s body language, confidence, strengths, eye contact, physical appearance, voice in discussions and message to be conveyed.

Fun Maths Classes

Fun Maths developed children’s key math skills. From easy, hands-on math activities to more advanced games and puzzles are covered. Learning math became more interesting, lively and full of fun.

Chess Classes

Chess Classes improved the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child. Improved the self-confidence, memory skills,  of the child and concentration which are extremely essential for the child’s growth and academic performance of the child.

Karate Classes

Safety of kids, when they are alone, is the primary concern of parents. Karate Classes made our kids capable of defending themselves against the odds. Training made children disciplined and focused to a goal. Gradually developed the behavioral traits of sincerity & dedication that improve the overall performance of a child in academic activities

Abacus and Brain Gym Program

Abacus and Brain Gym program  developed an ability to utilize the left and right brain among the Children. It improved Visualization skills, Concentration skills, Analytical Skills, Numerical Skills and Calculation speed.