Chess Classes in Karama Dubai

Volume 1 of Chess Classes

Learn Chess (Chess for Beginners) In volume 1, the beginners learns the simplest relationship between the various chess pieces As par as the opening is concerned, the mate- rials in Volume 1 provides with the main principles governing the mobilization of forces, which include rapid development of the Knights and Bishops, the importance of controlling the center, the disadvantages of bringing out the Queen too early, the problems with pushing the flank pawns, the castling and the mastery of the algebraic system of notation which is the system employed in succeeding levels of our chess program.

Volume 2 of Chess Classes

From Beginner to Tournament Player, Chess Classes, Volume 2 is designed for intermediate players who are familiar with the main rules of play set forth in Volume 1. In Volume 2, students will learns the principle of the opening, middle game & endgames, the concept of planning and creating attacks & combinations, tactics, pinning, skewers. Also, they will be introduced to the triple repetition & 50 moves rules, which means that they will now know all the rules of chess play. After the completion of Volume 2, the students are now ready for advance chess lesson: The Volume 3 – “Moving on to Expert and Master”.

Chess lesson could last until the children show signs of weariness. Quality of learning is more important than quantity. Experience suggests that children will require about three months to complete the beginner’s course. A . lesson normally lasts 2 hours split evenly between the theoretical segment and the practical. Although SIP Chess has what it takes to teach all the way to advance level, in SIP Chess program we try to make chess as fun and interesting for Kids as possible.

Benefits of Chess Classes

SIP Comprehensive CHESS programs not only teaches kids to play Chess, but also prepares them for real life by enhancing their thought process.

Kids participating in our program:

  • will develop critical thinking & problem solving skills;
  • will have better concentration and mental discipline;
  • will gain confidence & develop sportsmanship.

“A strong memory, concentration, imagination and a strong will is required to become a Great Chess Player” – (GM Bobby Fischer)

Mindbuilder Chess Classes – Aims and Objectives

  • To teach kids to play chess correctly, which requires that they think logically and self- critically.
  • To instill in kids an appreciation for the beauty of chess ideas so that they will enjoy playing the game.

One can hardly overemphasize the importance of kindling genuine interest in chess during the very first lessons. Children usually find their initial chess lesson to be the most difficult, but with SIP they will find it easier.