Communication Skills Training Details

Communication is the mode of interaction between two or more individuals. It is important to communicate thoughts clearly and distinctly to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

Communication Skills Training help children Communicate Effectively. However, Communication Skills are not developed instantly. In fact, they have to be introduced from childhood so that the art of communication gets perfected over time. Conveying a thought perfectly takes practice and it is an art in itself.

The key path to success in life starts with clear communication skills. Clear communication skills boost confidence and enhance relationships because what is being expressed is mutually understood. This is why it is necessary to devote sufficient time to and give the attention it deserves. Childhood is the most impressionable stage of a person’s life. If such soft skills can be nurtured and developed from a young age, social relationships would surely benefit in the future.

Different levels of Training

The CCP module is a comprehensive development programme for children between ages 4 years to 16 years. This programme is delivered at four different levels.

We offer the Foundation Course for 4 months and the Advanced Course for 9 months (including the Foundation Course) at all the levels.

  • Level 1 – Age group 5 to 7 years
  • Level 2 – Age group 8 to 10 years
  • Level 3 – Age group 11 to 16 years

Benefits of the Communication Skills Training


  • Reading for understanding / comprehension
  • Speed reading
  • Skimming, scanning and identifying key words
  • Fluency and pronunciation


  • Comprehension
  • Creative writing
  • Formal & informal writing
  • Grammar (age & grade specific)


  • Listening for specific information
  • Summarising and feedbacks
  • Skimming & scanning, identifying key ideas


  • Public speaking
  • Debates and discussion
  • Presentation
  • Summary & feedback
  • Expressing opinions
  • Social conversation
  • Group discussions

Other Skills

  • Mind mapping for content development
  • Vocabulary building
  • Behavioural skills
  • Decision making
  • Life skills
  • Memory exercises

Highlights of the Communication skills training

Our Methodology

We deliver a training module which is a blend of syllabus recommended by Cambridge University (U.K) and the Trinity Board (U.K) we focus on developing all four skills in children. At SIP CCP we don’t call them classroom sessions, we call them interactive sessions where learning is fun. We deliver the syllabus in group activities, role plays, debates, discussions.

We believe in blending technology with learning and use audio & visual tools, educational tools like mind mapping.

Inclusion of Life skills

Another major market differentiator for SIP Academy is the inclusion of life skills in the training syllabus. These skills are a huge value add to children’s growth and help develop survival skills.

  • All round skill development program (including reading, writing, listening & speaking)
  • Interactive classroom sessions
  • Technology blended with learning
  • Age appropriate levels offered
  • Small batches to ensure individual attention to each student
  • Need analysis done prior to placement in levels (helps in assessing improvement areas)
  • Basic & advanced modules available for each level
  • International IBT standards followed for classroom delivery and curriculum planning
  • Syllabus based on recommended skills by Cambridge University & Trinity (U.K)
  • Life skills included in the program to facilitate all round personality development
  • Qualified and experienced teachers / trainers