Family Painting Competition in Karama – December 2018

Mind builder always stands a part with bringing up platform for both kids and parents to showcase their talents. Family painting 2018 in Karama was one such event that serves as an arena for the family to engage themselves into something that they love doing together with their loved ones. Doing what you love with your loved ones is something that holds the family together.

Family Painting Competition 2018 in Karama

When talents meets opportunities wonders happen.  The Family Painting Competition and the logic behind the same was really appreciated by the participants. There were in total 38 registrations for the competition.

  • Sheets were provided to participants.
  • Duration of this competition was one hour.
  • Christmas serves as the theme of competition. Participants are told to create a piece related to Christmas.

The age of majority of the participants varied from 4 to 40 years. Hence, we decided to split competition to 5 different categories as per age group.

The first group consist of children 4 to 6 years old. For them we provided a picture and they need to color it.

The spirit and enthusiasm for the competition can be judged from the fact that one of the participants was a 60-year-old lady who came to support her grandchildren and to participate with them and was discovered to be one of the best artist in the competition proving that Art and artists have no age limits. Doing your passion is something that age can’t define.

Mind Builder is both happy and proud to provide platform that aspiring artists can use to pursue their love for art no matter how old they are.

The winner was chosen from each group and was given a prize. Each participants received a certificate of participation. 

Winners of Family Painting Competition 2018

Group 1

First prize:  Mariam Afzal Munshi

Second Prize: Arshiya Baskaran

Third Prize: Thansi and Chirayu

Group 2

First prize:  Zahra Afzal Munshi & Rathan Ramakrishna

Second Prize: Suhani & Rithun

Third Prize: Prachitha

Group 3

First prize:  Dharshan

Second Prize: Amith Sharma

Third Prize: Sanvi

Group 4

First prize:  Dediphya

Second Prize: R. Dharshan

Third Prize: Aswin

Group 5

First prize:  Zainab Afsal Munshi

Second Prize: Vishnu Priya and J. Santha

Third Prize: Kavita

It was indeed a pleasure to Mind Builder to host this kind of Art and Crafts event that helps in parent engagement with their families.

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