Handwriting Improvement Classes in Karama

Details of Handwriting Improvement Classes

  • highly structured format
  • Techniques on pencil grip, handwriting styles.
  • Tips for left handers
  • Visually simple & uncluttered presentation style
  • Strong color coding
  • A multi-sensory approach
  • Produces fantastic results in three months

Details of Handwriting Improvement Classes

  • This handwriting improvement course easily and quickly¬†course guides you through the fluid, automatic and legible handwriting.
  • Each step is accompanied by specially design practice pages so you can quickly see improvement.¬†
  • The program teaches joined-up, cursive handwriting in simple steps.
  • By practicing 10 minutes a day with guidance from the course, you will see substantial improvement.
  • Grades improve as handwriting becomes neater and faster which results in an increase in self- confidence.

What is the Target Audience

  • Anyone wanting to improve the look of their handwriting
  • Anyone wanting brain exercises that focus on eye-hand coordination
  • students 5 yrs and above, business people, medical professionals and adults.

Benefits of Handwriting Improvement Classes

  • Say Good bye to Bad handwriting
  • Learn the keys of fluid and legible handwriting
  • Learn new handwriting habits and how to practice effectively and efficiently
  • Increase your confidence and success in business
  • Determines success in Exams and develops self-confidence.

Highlights of Handwriting Improvement Classes

  • Excellent for special needs including dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism
  • Includes Calligraphy and its various styles
  • Everyone can improve their joined-up handwriting
  • Improve your life by improving your handwriting
  • Good handwriting boosts self-confidence
  • Good handwriting improves communication and gains higher scores in exams
  • Impresses teachers as evaluation becomes easier

Improvement in Afan Mukadam's handwriting in 2 months

Handwriting Improvement classes in Karama 21

Improvement in Aditya Dinesh's handwriting in 2 months

Handwriting Improvement classes in Karama 22