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Sajna Aboobacker - Parent of Abacus student - Hadi Ahamed

Parent Feedbacks - Hadi AhamedI am very pleased with my son’s progress in a short term after joining for Abacus & IPM Mathemagic at SIP Academy UAE.I found SIP Academy has a constructive environment for nurturing child’s learning skills. This definitely has reflected on Hadi’s learning methods.I would like to thank the management and staff for their friendly and approachable nature. In particular I’d like to mention Ms Supriya and Ms Helen who indeed brought a drastic change in Hadi to boost his confidence level. Special thanks to their sincerity and hard work. SIP Academy, great job!! Keep up good work

Fazel Ebrahim - Father of Abacus Student Fiza Halima

Parents Feecback - Fiza HalimaWhen Fiza joined SIP Academy, she was very silent and an introvert kid.But, after joining SIP Academy we noticed a gradual improvement in her personality for good. There is also a great improvement in her attitude. Now she is been able to take up challenges in a positive way unless not like before always feeling shy. She has started now to interact and mingle with other kids as well thus showing a positive approach.Also before joining ABACUS program fiza didn’t like Maths.But as the program proceeded her interest in the said subject was developed as she is now able to solve problems quickly. The teachers are really helpful and approachable. They are always kind and patient with the students and my child has always appreciated this.We thanks SIP greatly from our heart.

Geeta Swaminathan - Mother of Abacus student Neha Swaminathan

Joining SIP academy has imbibed a competitive spirit in my daughter. Now she has changed into a very responsible child with a sharp focus on excelling any activity she has undertaken.

Also she has become more interested in adopting diverse activities with keen desire to learn new skills .In addition, she is showing voluntary interests in taking up new challenges.

Very well done SIP. Open more branches and spread the wings !!!

Deeba Zuberi - Mother of Abacus student AYRA BARI

Parent Feedbacks - Ayra BariSince joining SIP Abacus program, the major change that we noticed in ayra is that she has become friendlier with other kids as earlier comparatively she was very shy.She has developed a good sense of competition now. I am very happy with how the teachers encourage the kids. They cater well to the kids.Good Luck SIP!!!