how to learn abacus

ABACUS is an ancient tool used for arithmetic computations. Learning abacus will stimulate the development of the right brain at the early stage, helping in developing one’s ability to perform mental calculations. In today’s competitive world.

Our Brain, like our body, also needs exercise in order to stimulate it to makes it perform better. In our SIP abacus classes, in addition to the learning of abacus, we also do a set of brain exercises to help prepare students to learn. Regular practice of doing brain gym helps to release mental stress, mental block & integrates both functions of the brain hemispheres to work holistically.

SIP Abacus is not only a mathematical program, as is commonly understood. It is a complete brain development program wherein mental arithmetic is used as a tool. One of the major benefits of the abacus course is developing immense concentration powers, focus,  visualization skills and confidence. These skills will ensure your child success in all fields of life. If he is really smart, this program will ensure an advance development with speed, improved memory, logical understanding and better understanding of Maths as other benefits.

SIP Talented Children Development Center is a child skill development organization with an international program that is currently available in more than 20 Countries and had benefited more than 800,000 children across 900 learning center in ASIA. SIP Abacus has been awarded as the Best Mental Arithmetic Program by the World Association of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic and holds 5 Limca records.

  • SIP Abacus Training comprises of 3 major elements – Abacus, Brain Gym & Speed writing. The methodology is time-tested and has been used in many countries with outstanding proven results.
  • SIP curriculum is of international standard and continues to be developed and refined in co-operation with world renowned educational experts. The contents of the syllabus and all teaching materials, strategies and techniques are extremely child-friendly.
  • SIP Abacus is the only abacus organization in the world which gives a guarantee to make children 5 times better.

SIP Abacus program uses 3 senses (tactile, visual and auditory) to develop & balance the mental, physical, social interaction, emotional, personality and confidence of the children. Regular practice of Abacus results in improvement in academics through improved concentration, better comprehension, retention and recall, logical reasoning, speed, and accuracy in computing skills.

The initial outcome of SIP Abacus Program can be experienced right after kids have  finished Foundation 1 level and started with Foundation 2 level. By this time they have learned all the necessary concepts of Abacus program and can start doing the visualization or mental arithmetic. However, significant permanent improvement will be there by completion of Foundation Modules. SIP Abacus has a unique brand promise to make the child 5 times better by end of Foundation course (approximately 1 year), provided child is regular and completes the homework.

Speed writing is another form of exercise used in our Smart Intellectual Program to help students develop peripheral vision to see at a wider angle. It helps to capture information by visually recognizing and retaining meaning of clusters of words rather than individual words. In this way, the young learner develops writing and reading speed that are deemed so essential for all further academic as well as personal pursuits.

Children between 5 to 14 years old are welcome to join and start the SIP Abacus and Brain development Program. As long as the kids know how to write the numbers from 1-10 they can start the training of abacus. For child of Age 5 / 6 years, we recommend program called as SIP Amal. For child of age of 7 years or more, we start with Foundation course.

FAQ's about the Curriculum

SIP abacus program comprises of 12 levels starting from Amal/Beginner level. Each level takes a duration of approximately 3 ½- 4 months for an average child to qualify. Faster completion of every level may vary on child’s potential and accomplishment of home works given by the instructor. However regularity in attending classes is of paramount importance as children tend to forget the learnt lessons if there is a break in course.

Yes, towards the completion of books for each level, SIP Abacus is giving two exams. First is the Internal Assessment exam, given to ensure that students have understood the concepts and if they are eligible to step up to the next level. The second one is the IGT (International Grading Test) for SIP Malaysia and the Certificate is given on the successful fulfillment of the the requirements of the exams for each level. However the students are evaluated internally on monthly basis and the areas of shortcomings are noted and focused for improvements.

The regular class comprises of 8 hours in a month, 2 hours per week. No of classes in a week depends on the capability of the students whether they can sit for straight 2 hours then it will be 1 class per week or if not 2 classes of 1 hour per week. We are also offering a Crash course comprises of 16 hours per month, 4 hours per week. Recommended for those students who will start abacus at the age of 8 and above, for fast pace and greater improvement as they can keep up with this timing. We are holding Classes on Monday – Thursday at 4:00pm-8:00pm, Friday 9:30am-1:30pm and Saturday 9:30am-1:30pm then 4:00pm-8:00pm.

Yes we are giving make up classes but it should be compensated within the same month or until first week of the next month, not more than that. Continuity is very important for the students undergoing the SIP Abacus Program. For more details feel free to contact us.

Aside from examinations we are holding an International level competition and National Level Competition of SIP Abacus once in a year. International Competitions were held on different countries where there is SIP branch and the National Level Competition was held here In UAE.

FAQ's about effect of SIP Abacus on Academics

Children who have undergone abacus classes achieved far better results than other students who have not taken part in such training in areas such as comprehension, mathematical abilities, including recognizing and understanding mathematical concepts, calculating skills and mathematical problem-solving skills and analytical performance.

No, there won’t be any confusion, because initially they need to consider abacus as another ball game and learn all the basic concepts of the abacus. In abacus classes we are not teaching math, Arithmetic is used only as a language and abacus is used only as a tool. As a result abacus will help children to speed up his school math work. More than the way to solve the problems applying different methods helps increase the child’s understanding and improves his numeric skills.

While doing abacus children use beads instead of numbers. They do the basic arithmetic operations using beads which makes them more interesting and easier. This interest removes the fear for numbers and makes them do math problems confidently. Also abacus learning will improve the kid’s concentration &visual memory. More than solving problem attempting different sums with different frame work is really appreciable for abacus students.

Yes, cent percent. SIP children enjoy a greater concentration and a powerful memory. They will have sharp increase in their observation, grasping and retention abilities. So they can acquire better results with less effort. Children spend less time to produce good results. Slow learning students become really smart when they learn abacus. After learning SIP abacus no more hard work, it’s just Smart work.

FAQ's about Role and Involvement of Parents

Regular feed backs will be given by the SIP teachers and the teachers will advise and help guide parents in assisting their children in their learning on key concepts like beads manipulation and calculations involving four operations of numbers if needed.

Most important for parents is to understand the importance of SIP program, and then to provide support for the children to achieve the result that SIP program offers. Help is needed mostly at the first level when children should be encouraged to practice at home regularly with proper finger movements on the abacus. Parents should also send their children regularly for their classes. Parents support and encouragement is also an important factor in getting the Best out of the program.

‘Daily Practice’ is very important.20 minutes of practice every day is very important for foundation 1 where they learn all the basic concepts of SIP abacus without missing any classes. And then 10 – 15 min. of practice at home and regular attendance is the key to success.