Spring Break Camp in Dubai 2K19

What are the Benefits of a Spring Break Camp?

It’s near-impossible for us to explain the wizardry of a spring break camp in a single blog post but nevertheless, we will try to summarize as much as we can. Many parents might be dealing with a doubt of whether there is really a need for such kind of a camp??? Regardless of which one you pick, studies reveal that these camps will have a positive and impactful experience for any child.  

Summer Camp for Kids in Dubai

Camp Offerings

Our Spring Break Camp offers mainly activities like keyboard, art and crafts, guitar, vocals, brain train, DJ, and many more. Also at Al Nahda kids get to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, kids yoga, basketball, indoor games and theme day


Get Connected without Technology

One of the biggest advantages of being in a camp for your kid is it pushes them to unplug. This will not only boost up the personal skills and practicing social skills, but also takes off the pressure of getting digital ‘likes’ for what they do. Here kids can be kids and they are to experience the unlimited boundary of fun.

Learn to be Independent

A camp, in general, brings about the taste of independence that is extremely hard to come by in the fast-paced environment of today. Each camper is solely responsible for arriving on time at their activities. This in a way helps them to get to know about the most important aspect in life – ‘punctuality’ but not in a forced manner but in a fun way.

Fostering Inclusion

Regardless of which camp your child attends, it is pretty sure that they will be included in the warm, welcoming and supportive nature which every camp provides. Here they will learn to appreciate the differences in opinion and each one of them will gear back home with a deeper understanding of those who are different from them and the world around them.

Have a fun blast!!!!

The outright aspect is downright fun. We can expatiate about the spring break camp until our faces turn blue, but there’s no better explanation than experiencing the fun yourself. What’s holding back to experience the extravaganza this spring break for your kiddos.

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