Summer Camp 2017 at Mindbuilder – Barsha

Summer Camp provided a wonderful opportunity to children to participate in fun activities, make new friends, learn about things that are not in textbooks and develop well-rounded personalities.

Here is the list of summer camp activities children participated in:

Art and Craft activities

Art & Craft activities included sketching, oil/acrylic/water colors, calligraphy, face painting. Activities developed self-expression, improved concentration, refined motor skills and channelized their energy in a positive direction. Children are encouraged to enjoy experimenting and creating new dimension to art.

Music Classes activities

Music Classes Music classes helped in developing vocal skills. Children learnt to play all kinds of age-appropriate instruments. They learned to recognize and decode musical symbols, and they’re introduced to musical concepts and terms. Classes encouraged problem solving, symbolic thinking and reasoning skills.

Dance Classes activities

Dance classes educated and empowered children with knowledge of various dance styles, the fundamentals of dance technique, aspects of musical theatre and stage performance. It helped students to de-stress, stay active, improve posture and developed a confident, well-rounded personality. The complete Dance classes experience enabled students to overcome stage fright, become more confident, improve team spirit and feel a great sense of achievement.

Personality Development Classes

Personality Development Classes developed clear & effective Communication Skills, Public Speaking Skills and groomed personality to face all kinds of challenges in life. It developed children’s body language, confidence, strengths, eye contact, physical appearance, voice in discussions and message to be conveyed.

Fun Maths Classes

Fun Maths developed children’s key math skills. From easy, hands-on math activities to more advanced games and puzzles are covered. Learning math became more interesting, lively and full of fun.

Chess Classes

Chess Classes improved the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child. Improved the self-confidence, memory skills,  of the child and concentration which are extremely essential for the child’s growth and academic performance of the child.

Karate Classes

Safety of kids, when they are alone, is the primary concern of parents. Karate Classes made our kids capable of defending themselves against the odds. Training made children disciplined and focused to a goal. Gradually developed the behavioral traits of sincerity & dedication that improve the overall performance of a child in academic activities

Abacus and Brain Gym Program

Abacus and Brain Gym program  developed an ability to utilize the left and right brain among the Children. It improved Visualization skills, Concentration skills, Analytical Skills, Numerical Skills and Calculation speed.

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