Winter Camp For Kids in Karama, Dubai

The Holiday season is upon us. The Merriment of the upcoming festivities already seem prevalent in the air. Schools have closed and the children are bubbling with energy being free from their routine school life and are ready to learn something new. It is the Ideal time for ‘SIP Academy UAE’ & ‘MindBuilder Training Center’ to organize Winter Camps 2018 in Karama.

Purpose and Benefits of the Activity Camps

The most important functions these camps serve is to let the parents Discover the talents of their Kids. We at ‘SIP Academy’ and ‘MindBuilder Training Centre’ organize activities for all age group of children between 4 to 12 years. The Camp is conducted 5 days a week from Sunday to Thursday between 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. And we do have excellent Transport services that cover a variety of areas in Dubai.

Our Classes Focus on the overall development of the child. We utilize Abacus to help improve concentration and allow for faster calculations. This also enables the Child to develop more interest in Maths.

We teach the kids to develop a balance between mind and body through Yoga & Brain Gym. In this course, we focus on utilizing the benefits of Movement & Meditation to improve the child’s concentration & retention.

Through creative classes like Handwriting, Arts & Craft, Children can develop better Creative Sense & Motor skills. Such classes also provide a platform to the children which enables them to build the things they want to make and feel proud of their creations. This also allows the child a moral boast up.

Whats new in this Year’s Winter Camp

To teach these Little Royals something new, we have included courses Such as Sublime Science, Computers Science & Foodie’s Fun. In Sublime Science, we use small experiments to show the kids, how to use Science in everyday life. In computer science, we focus on developing interest in technology by introducing different elements of Microsoft Suite at different age levels. As an example, we teach Microsoft PowerPoint & Paint. In Foodie’s Fun, we teach the children independence & the importance of food. We enable them to utilize non-gas cooking to make simple food items such as sandwiches & Dips to eat with Crunchy foods like Chips or Nachos..

Outdoor & Sports Activities

As we focus on the child’s overall development, we organize some outdoor activities like Swimming, Badminton, and Basketball every week. They are Hosted once in a week. We understand that it our responsibility to take care of the children safety and security outside our premises. We ensure that the dress code and the rules of every game are appropriately followed by children.

Music Classes – Vocal & Instrumental

“We put the mental in instrumental and the cool in Musicool”. We have different musical instruments like keyboard and guitar for students to practice with a professional teacher. We also teach vocal music to them. “Dance to the rhythm of your Heart “We teach our students Bollywood dance form in our camp. Children enjoy music and dance a lot.

This is not all, for providing more fun we do have fun games sessions, storytelling session and movie time.

On the final day of the camp, we organize a party for kids with activities like talent day, face painting and secret Santa.

Children progress is monitored closely every day and on last day when they are dispersing their worksheets are send to their parents.

The time they are moving out finally their magical Hugs and kisses do give us the reward for our hard work and energy to organize such camps often.

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